Owning a swimming pool in Menifee, Temecula or Murrieta should be an enjoyable experience, not extra work. Proper care and maintenance is essential for a swimming pool and takes work and knowledge. Always Reliable Pools would like to make this a joy for you by allowing our experienced team handle this for you.

Always Reliable Pool Service provides superior pool service and pool repairs in Menifee, Temecula, Murrieta and surrounding areas. We offer pool maintenance that meets your needs and your fits your budget. Call us today to get started with your Menifee pool service.

Always Reliable Pool Service knows that pool owners have different needs and budgets. We offer weekly pool maintenance packages. Why bother with chemicals and labor intensive pool cleaning when you have Reliable Pool Cleaning in Menifee. Contact us today and spend your time enjoying a clean, sparkling pool instead of more work.


When you have your pool serviced by Always Reliable Pool Service, our experienced owner will make sure your pool is clean and and the water is well-balanced. Our pool maintenance includes:

  • Vacuum Pool

  • Net Clean the Top

  • Empty Strainer Baskets

  • Balance Chemicals

  • Chemical Only Service

  • Clean Pool Tile

  • Brush the Pool Walls

  • Clean Equipment Area

  • Backwash Filter


Pool ownership is expensive. Regular pool maintenance with Always Reliable Pool Service will ensure maximum life and peak efficiency out of your pool’s pump, heater, filter and other systems. Getting the maximum service life and energy efficiency out of the pool equipment minimizes the long term costs of pool ownership. Our pool maintenance program keeps your pool working great and allows us to monitor your pool systems and anticipate any issues or needs for replacement parts. In many cases, we can repair smaller problems before they become major ones, saving you time and money.


Has your pool turned green? Have you been really busy lately and neglected the swimming pool maintenance? Always Reliable Pool Service offers one time pool cleanings to get your pool back to being useable. Contact us today to schedule a one-time pool cleaning so you and your family can get back to using your pool.

With Always Reliable Pool Service in Menifee,

Your pool will always be clean, balanced and ready for your enjoyment.