From simple to complex Menifee pool repair, we can get your pool back up and running. We are well trained and have experience ranging from pool service to pool construction so we can handle all of your pool repair needs. We repair all types of in-ground pools, plaster, pool tile, pool coping and pool decking or we can completely remodel your pool to change the look of your entire backyard. We have experience with all types of pool equipment and products from Zodiac/Jandy, Pentair and Hayward.

Some of Our More Common Pool Repairs

  • Repair or Replacement of Pool Equipment like Filters, Pumps and Heaters

  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

  • Swimming Pool Replastering

  • Repair or Replace Marker tiles and mosaics

  • Pool coping work to include stone, concrete or travertine

  • Pool deck replacement and resurfacing

  • Pool Equipment Retrofits like salt water chlorine generation systems, pool lighting and water jets

  • Installation of in pool benches, beach entryways and additional steps

Some Additional Details About Pool Repairs:

Swimming Pool Replastering

Swimming pool plaster typically lasts 10 years. After that, it will tend to crack and peel leading to a potentially hazardous situation and premature equipment failure. We can replaster your pool in a number of different colors to change the look of your pool and backyard.

To replaster your pool or spa, the old plaster must be chipped away at least ½” deep and 2″ wide below the tile (for both new and old), and around all fittings. This will ensure the new plaster is flush with the pool tile and fittings. A bond coat is applied, which applies both a chemical and mechanical bond to the old plaster. This rough surface is like a stucco scratch coat and gives the new finish a solid surface to grip to. The final plaster coat is tinted and applied leaving a smooth, beautiful surface that will provide years of enjoyment.

Pool Tile and Coping

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tile colors, textures and sizes to choose from. Or we can change your pool tile to custom rock or stacked stone. Pool coping can be as simple as concrete to random stone and can be applied in a variety of fashions. Replacing your pool tile or coping can dramatically change the look and feel of your pool and your backyard.

Pool Equipment Replacement

Old pool equipment Is usually louder and far less efficient than new pool equipment. Older equipment is more prone to malfunction and maintenance problems. Salt chlorine generators are the newest and safest method of maintaining your water chemistry, and are an easy addition to your pool. Whether you need to replace/upgrade your pump, heater, filter, or overall plumbing, we can handle it all. Let us replace your old equipment with new equipment that is more energy efficient, quieter and easier to maintain.

With Always Reliable Pool Service in Menifee,

Your pool will always be clean, balanced and ready for your enjoyment.